Nexus is an important connection between the parts of a system or a group of things.

The theme of communication have been concerned me for a long time. I observe how people communicate and how these connections affect them: someone suffers, gives all of their strength to this connection, another only takes it away, someone “in connection” becomes stronger for each other individually or together, someone tries to break “Inconvenient” or “self-obsolete” connections; someone tries to hide his connection, another wants to “make” new “useful connections”.

We carry our connections every day in and around us: new, old, secret, explicit, desirable and undesirable, beneficial or destructive. We "tie" them consciously or unconsciously. Sometimes we get them in inheritance, sometimes trying to get rid of some, "cut", "break" or simply forget. Others we passionately want to "tie."

I like working with "revealing." Film development (revealing) is still a magical process for me. I consciously choose the technique of photography, because photography is always about reality, about something obvious. After all, you can not take pictures of something unreal. I like to “reveal” what I think about and what I notice. Some things seem to me existing in the invisible parallel dimension, but they always permeate our, obviously material space. I use light, color, ordinary objects and a 35mm film that “reveals”. (7).jpg (25).jpg (16).jpg (19).jpg (6).jpg (2).jpg (5).jpg (24).jpg